Furnace Failure Releases Molten Glass

Friday, August 11, 2017 @ 03:08 PM gHale

Workers muster outside after a molten glass furnace had a catastrophic failure at the Owens Brockway glass plant in South Zanesville, OH.

A catastrophic furnace failure resulted in 3,000 tons of molten glass pouring out onto the floor of the Owens Brockway glass plant in South Zanesville, OH, Monday.

The bottom of the furnace failed and 3,000-degree molten glass flooded the plant, making firefighters fear for the integrity of the structure, said South Zanesville fire chief Russell Taylor.

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“The glass poured out and surrounded the pillars, so we had to concentrate on cooling the glass,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the fire department is using water to cool the molten glass, which is creating a lot of steam in the building.

“It’s difficult to see, but we are confident (the building will stand),” Taylor said.

Taylor said the glass has stopped flowing and that fire fighters would be on scene for two to three more hours while the company awaits an engineer.

According to Taylor, it will take about three days for the glass to completely cool.

Nine departments responded to the incident. Taylor said there were no injuries.

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