Gas Leak Forces Evacuation

Monday, September 22, 2014 @ 05:09 PM gHale

Businesses in Round Rock’s Double Creek evacuated late last week because of a Perflurosuccinoyl fluroide gas leak.

At 8 a.m. Thursday, employees of Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing called 911 and reported they had difficulty breathing. Crews discovered the leak at Exfluor Research Corporation in the offices next door.

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The Round Rock, TX, and Williamson County Hazardous Materials teams moved in to assess the situation. They’ve been monitoring the air around the building and at this point, officials do not believe the gas leak ever got outside of the building.

Officials say they offloaded the gas into a separate container but a gaseous cloud remained inside the building. The gas is mainly a skin irritant.

Until officials were able to assess the situation, nearby businesses, schools and day cares had to remain inside their buildings.

The incident remains under investigation.

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