Global brake standards for GM

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 @ 07:04 PM gHale

Attempting to stay one step ahead and also implementing global safety standards, General Motors will install a new brake safety measure that can prevent unintended acceleration on all its new vehicles by 2012.

In light of Toyota’s accelerator pedal issues, federal regulators are now mulling over legislation to make the technology mandatory on new cars and trucks. Congress is also exploring the issue after a series of hearings last month on Toyota’s recall of millions of vehicles over gas pedals that get stuck or trapped on floor mats.[private]

While GM has not had major problems with unintended acceleration, the company did say it would make the move to assuage customers’ fears.

A brake override reduces power to the engine when the driver steps on the brake and accelerator. It should also slow a vehicle if the gas pedal is stuck.

GM plans to install the software for the system in the electronic throttle control systems of newly manufactured vehicles. The automaker already used it in several models in the United States, mostly high horsepower vehicles like the Chevy Corvette.

Toyota has already said it would use the system in most new Toyota and Lexus vehicles by the end of this year.[/private]

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