Global Phishing Numbers on Rise

Monday, August 22, 2016 @ 03:08 PM gHale

Phishing URLs hiked 14 percent to 4.44 million in the second quarter, a new report said.

Phishing, like quite a few other assault methods, remains a very effective attack tool these days.

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In addition, the report found half of today’s phishing sites disappear after 24 hours, either taken down by the attackers, ISPs, or security researchers, according to the Cyren Cyberthreat Report.

The company’s analysis of phishing attacks for the last three months reveals that

Almost 20 percent of all phishing pages don’t last more than three hours, with only 40 percent of the entire phishing pages lasting more than two days, the company said in a post.

Out of all the browsers, Chrome and Firefox are the quickest to mark phishing pages and dangerous sites, Cyren said.

Google Chrome detected 73.9 percent of phishing pages within 48 hours, or before the sites go down, the report said. Firefox caught 52.2 percent of the sites while Internet Explorer and Edge 21.7 percent.

The average time Chrome took to mark a phishing site as dangerous via a warning inside the browser window was 6 hours and 23 minutes, meaning around a third of all phishing attacks can still go through.

Firefox took 10 hours and 52 minutes while Edge and IE had a detection time of 15 hours and 29 minutes.

Cyren’s key takeaway is users shouldn’t rely on browsers to protect them against phishing attacks, and that a strong security product still remains the best solution.

Most of these phishing pages tried to collect user data specific to services such as Amazon (224,310 URLs), Apple (175,506), eBay (66,223), PayPal (33,850), and Google (29,234).

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