Greeting Card App Steals Data

Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 01:12 PM gHale

Nothing says Happy Holidays more than a data stealing, malware laden text message app.

These Trojans have become popular this holiday season as people send out text messages instead of mailing greeting cards. There are mobile apps that let you send prewritten witty/sweet messages to friends and family.

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But there are also some that pretend to do that, and there is at least one Trojan targeting Chinese Android users that masquerades as a friendly text message, but ends up stealing as much data as it can find, said researchers at F-Secure.

The AdBoo app lets users choose a message template (jokes, New Year wishes, and more), then asks them to choose the contact to whom it will be sent. But it doesn’t actually send the message — a dialog box notifying them of a “Sending Fail” pops up instead.

In the background, the Trojan harvests information such as phone model and number, Android version and IMEI number and sends it to a remote server.

The researchers believe the developer of this app is also the one that developed another Android Trojan that sends SMS messages to premium-rate numbers, as both pieces of malware use the same certificate.

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