Hacker Does Time for Pilfering Emails

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 @ 05:03 PM gHale

Weev, also known as Andrew Auernheimer, will be doing 41 months after his sentencing in a U.S. court after his conviction for getting access to email addresses of iPad users.

In addition to the 41 months, Auernheimer also faces three years of supervision.

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In August 2012, Auernheimer ended up convicted of accessing the email addresses of 120,000 iPad users through an AT&T site, amounting to one count of identity fraud and one of conspiracy. Auernheimer was potentially facing five years of prison for each charge.

AT&T created the site in question to simplify logging in to the carrier’s service with the 3G-enabled iPad by allowing it to look up a connecting device and match it to an email address.

Auernheimer and his accomplice Daniel Spitler created an automated script to extract all the email addresses.

Spitler accepted a plea bargain taking 12 to 18 months prison time in exchange for information about his and Auernheimer’s activities and unexecuted plans to exploit the information for various nefarious purposes.

The data eventually went to the Gawker news web site with the aim of publicly embarrassing AT&T.

Auernheimer and Spitler also have to pay AT&T, via the U.S. Treasury, $73,000 restitution. Auernheimer has ten days to appeal the sentence.

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