Hawaiian Electric Shutters Power Plant

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 @ 02:02 PM gHale

Because customers are using electricity more efficiently and the growth of renewable energy, Hawaiian Electric is deactivating a power plant in downtown Honolulu that’s nearly a century old.

The plant, built in 1920 at the corner of Halekauwila and Alakea Streets, is at the harbor where whaling vessels once off-loaded oil used to power Honolulu lamps.

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Hawaiian Electric said Friday deactivation will take several months. Workers must clean the plant’s two generating units and the equipment needs preservation to protect it from corrosion. The plant could end up reactivated in an emergency.

The utility has already deactivated the Shipman plant on the Big Island. It plans to retire all four units at its Kahului plant by 2019.

In the environment where people are becoming smarter with their electricity usage and alternative energy opportunities, closing plants is becoming a growing trend throughout the country.

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