There is sufficient information to formally docket an application to build a nuclear power plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming, and begin its safety and environmental reviews, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said the public can request a hearing.

To that end, the NRC unveiled an opportunity for the public to request a hearing on a construction permit application from TerraPower seeking permission to build the company’s Natrium nuclear power plant.

TerraPower, through its subsidiary US SFR Owner, filed the application in March, requesting a permit to build the sodium-cooled, advanced reactor design on a site near an existing coal-fired power plant.

The 345-megawatt electric Natrium plant includes an energy storage system to temporarily boost output up to 500 MWe, when needed. If the NRC ultimately issues the permit, TerraPower would need to submit a separate operating license application to obtain permission to run the reactor.

The NRC staff determined the application contains sufficient information for the agency to formally docket the application and begin its safety and environmental reviews.

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Docketing the application is not an indication of whether the NRC will issue the construction permit. The NRC notice in the Federal Register includes instructions for filing hearing requests. The filing deadline is Aug. 5.

Information about the regulation of new reactors is available on the NRC website. A copy of the TerraPower construction permit application will be available on the NRC website and at the Lincoln County Library – Kemmerer at 519 Emerald St., in Kemmerer.


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