Honeywell’s universal remote I/O module for Safety Manager

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 @ 11:05 AM gHale

Honeywell released a universal remote input/output (I/O) module for its Safety Manager platform that allows process manufacturers to integrate more safety devices in addition to simplifying installation and maintenance.
The module works in facilities that must integrate equipment and other assets spread over wide geographic distances, such as upstream applications in the oil and gas industry.
The design of the Safety Manager Remote I/O module allows it to work in harsh environments often found with offshore oil and gas operations, such as production platforms located in extreme-climate regions ranging from Alaska’s North Slope to tropical Southeast Asia. An increasing focus on safety has led to a greater need for SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certified systems that can operate in difficult conditions. Safety Manager’s remote I/O module is SIL-3 certified, by Germany-based TÜV Rhineland.
The new remote I/O module also helps facilities more easily expand the Safety Manager solution. Typical I/O modules wire to control rooms through junction boxes and marshalling cabinets. By using soft-marshalling, the Honeywell Safety Manager Remote I/O module can mount closer to the process unit, eliminating the need for marshalling panels and homerun cables, and reducing or eliminating field auxiliary rooms. This could reduce overall capital expenditure, engineering cost as well as maintenance costs.

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