Honeywell deals for Shell operator technology

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 @ 10:04 PM gHale

In an effort to glean additional data from the field and help plants safely increase production while reducing maintenance and operating costs, Honeywell acquired technology developed by Shell Global Solutions.

Honeywell said the deal strengthens its reliability and operational offerings and can deliver an integrated solution for the worker out in the field.

Working with the Honeywell OneWireless network and Dolphin mobile computer devices, Shell’s technology will allow manufacturers to optimize communication, coordination, execution and tracking of critical field tasks and activities in real-time.

Technology, called “operational and technical task for efficient rounds” or (Otter), sees use in over 25 sites. It helps guide operators as they execute key field surveillance tasks that keep assets running within safe operating limits and at the best possible performance. Honeywell officials said it will package Otter into its operational solutions to provide operations teams complete sets of relevant data for all production assets. This data can help customers optimize plant performance and comply with health, safety and environment regulations.

Shell uses Otter technology along with Honeywell’s Operations Management Pro as part of its Ensure Safe Production (ESP) program.

The ESP program reduced Shell’s unplanned downtime and process safety incidents, and is going out to its facilities globally, said Mark Stevens, vice president of downstream technology services at Shell Global Solutions.

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