Honeywell Launches Expertise Sharing Tool

Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 05:08 PM gHale

Honeywell launched its Remote Collaboration, Optimization and Operations solution, which helps users share expertise across remote facilities, improving safety in hazardous environments, as well as optimizing production and improving recovery.

In the upstream oil and gas and mining industries, multiple production facilities often spread out over vast geographical distances and, in some cases, in hazardous environments, making it difficult to ensure the safety of plant personnel and production assets, or share valuable information and best practices. Plus, remote facilities often operate independently from one another, making it even harder to share information and to achieve optimal productivity levels across the whole network.

Honeywell Process Solutions’ approach allows industrial organizations to monitor and manage operational activities across multiple facilities from anywhere within a network of sites, leading to better collaboration between staff and process optimization across locations. Sites can connect to each other, through a central facility or via a network of interconnected collaboration centers, supporting real-time collaboration, resolving challenges quickly and improving production/yield over the full lifecycle.

“As organizations grow, it becomes more important for them to work efficiently across different locations to meet growing production demands,” said Ian Brown, Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Solutions. “With this solution, these companies have seen a boost in yield and production, increased profit margins without major capital expansions, faster and more accurate decision making by operations staff, and reduced energy consumption.

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