HUG: HPS Security Portfolio Grows

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 @ 01:06 PM gHale

By Gregory Hale
Jeff Zindel has talked for the past four years about increasing Honeywell’s already strong presence in the cybersecurity arena and it is now starting to show.

The vice president and general manager for cybersecurity at Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), talked last week at the 2017 Honeywell User Group Americas in San Antonio, TX, about key initiatives he is orchestrating at the manufacturing automation giant.

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“We have 150 professionals on our team, plus consultants and other partners,” Zindel said. “We offer industrial cybersecurity solutions in four major areas: Industrial security consulting, managed security services, integrated security technology and cybersecurity software.”

First and foremost of the most recent moves, Zindel said was the acquisition of NextNine, a provider of secure connectivity solutions.

The addition of NextNine’s security solutions and secure remote service capabilities will buttress Honeywell’s existing security technologies and increase its Connected Plant customer base.

Founded in 1998, NextNine’s flagship technology, ICS Shield, protects industrial sites from cybersecurity attacks and enables remote monitoring of assets.

ICS Shield works with Honeywell’s security portfolio with a solution used at more than 6,200 sites globally across the oil and gas, utility, chemical, mining and manufacturing sectors. Previously, ICS Shield had to be deployed separately for each control system vendor, resulting in multiple and separate installations at a single customer site. With this acquisition, users can deploy and operate a single system through Honeywell providing multi-vendor solutions. 

They also introduced Secure Media Exchange (SMX), which reduces cybersecurity risk and operational disruption by monitoring, protecting and logging use of removable media such as USB drives.

SMX has information on threats in the wild and can provide quick analysis of everything on the drive. It can do analysis of files that haven’t been seen before and then all the verified files that are approved to go through the system get checked in and they are ready to move on. From there a user can unplug the USB drive and goes to the system he wants to work on and goes through another process, which is where a second check occurs.

“This is one of the more complex engineering devices and one of the most simple products for the customers to use,” said Eric Knapp, chief engineer cybersecurity for HPS.

There is also Enterprise Risk Manager, which provides cross-plant, cyber-risk visibility across all site-specific implementations of the Honeywell Risk Manager solution.

“It will allow operators to go in a look for indicators of risk,” Knapp said. “It helps support IT and OT and gives views to the enterprise of plant sites.”

In addition, Zindel talked about the new Singapore Cyber Security Lab and Center of Excellence, which will open by the end of this year.

The facility will feature a cyber security research and development lab, an advanced training facility and a security operations center (SOC) to support its managed security services.

The Singapore facility follows the openings of similar Labs in Atlanta and Dubai.

“All of these tools will help users monitor their applications, and identify security vulnerabilities and threats,” Zindel said. “We are an industrial security provider, not a Honeywell provider. Regardless of the system they are using we can secure it. We help our customers be more proactive about managing their cybersecurity risk regardless of which PLC or DCS they’re using.”

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