IBM Creates Car, IoT Security Services

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 @ 10:07 AM gHale

IBM’s X-Force Red penetration testing group expanded their services to include connected vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

IBM’s one-year-old X-Force Red has been working with automotive manufacturers and third-party suppliers to provide expertise and penetration testing and consulting services.

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Researchers will also apply some of the findings from research disclosed earlier this year into the risks associated with purchasing used connected cars. They showed that insecure transfer of ownership can allow the previous owner to unlock the car, start it remotely and track its location.

Researchers in the past at events like Black Hat in Las Vegas have shown that cars can be hacked, and the risk of a cyberattack will only increase with the number of connected vehicles to reach 250 million by 2020.

IBM’s X-Force Red team aims to help customers in the automotive industry secure hardware, software, networks and human interactions.

As for IoT testing, the service will leverage IBM’s Watson IoT platform, a cognitive system that allows organizations to easily connect and manage their IoT devices. The product has built-in security controls and IoT threat intelligence capabilities that help organizations visualize risks and develop efficient incident response through policy-driven automations.

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