IBM Uses AI to Solve Cyber Issues

Friday, February 24, 2017 @ 06:02 PM gHale

IBM’s Watson AI and Internet of Things (IoT) supercomputer is taking on cybercrime.

Over the past year, Watson has undergone training in the language of cybersecurity, ingesting more than one million security documents. It can now help security analysts to cull thousands of natural language research reports.

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IBM’s research suggested a helping hand from AI is much needed within the information security community, as security teams sift through more than 200,000 security events per day on average, leading to more than 20,000 hours per year wasted chasing false positives.

IBM wants to give to users a new Watson chatbot within its global X-Force Command Center network.

The company also revealed a new research project, code-named Havyn, that uses a voice-powered security assistant through Watson to respond to verbal commands and natural language from security analysts.

“Today’s sophisticated cybersecurity threats attack on multiple fronts to conceal their activities, and our security analysts face the difficult task of pinpointing these attacks amongst a massive sea of security-related data,” said Sean Valcamp, chief information security officer at Avnet.

“Watson makes concealment efforts more difficult by quickly analyzing multiple streams of data and comparing it with the latest security attack intelligence to provide a more complete picture of the threat.

“Watson also generates reports on these threats in a matter of minutes, which greatly speeds [up] the time between detecting a potential event and my security team’s ability to respond accordingly.”

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