Illumio Releases Adaptive User Segmentation

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 @ 03:02 PM gHale

Adaptive security provider, Illumio, extended the capabilities of its Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) through integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory groups.

The new capability, known as Adaptive User Segmentation, dynamically calculates and provisions connectivity rules based on user identity to prevent unauthorized communications with, and access to, any Illumio-protected applications.

Illumio ASP now can govern how hundreds of millions of users connect to applications across data centers, clouds or hybrid-cloud compute environments.

Illumio’s Adaptive User Segmentation extends to all of these environments and delivers a reduction in the cyber attack surface. The company fused governance of workload-to-workload communications and user-to-workload communications through this technology breakthrough, strengthening the traditional entitlement model.

Today, users within an organization can see and connect to most, if not all, applications within the data center or cloud environment, regardless of their Active Directory entitlements. Given heightened challenges to deliver trust and security, relying on central systems of record like Active Directory to ensure users only have access to the appropriate assets is no longer sufficient. The breaches that occurred in the past few years in large enterprises and government agencies underscore that entitlements and authentication alone are unable to provide the protection required by high-value applications and data.

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