Indegy Garners ‘RSA Ready’ Certification

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 @ 03:10 PM gHale

Indegy earned “RSA Ready” interoperability certification with the RSA NetWitness Platform.

The certification helps enable organizations to bridge the current visibility gap between enterprise information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments.

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The companies successfully completed testing which assures customers that both solutions can bidirectionally share information to detect, respond and mitigate security threats across their entire attack surface, including industrial control system (ICS) devices.

Industrial operations now span complex IT and OT infrastructures, which makes cybersecurity threats more difficult to detect, investigate and remediate.

Meanwhile, the focal point for attacks on OT networks has centered on the industrial controllers that manage processes in manufacturing, energy, power and water facilities.

Introduced in 2016, Indegy’s patent-pending Device Integrity can actively and safely detect and monitor all ICS devices in the network to identify changes made to operating systems and software, firmware and configurations, all the way down to ladder logic.

The combination of the Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Suite and RSA NetWitness Suite can help eliminate the blind spot between enterprise IT and ICS networks.

“The RSA NetWitness Platform is trusted by enterprises to monitor cyber security threats in their IT environments,” said Barak Perelman, co-founder and chief executive of Indegy. “By combining our unmatched visibility into both industrial network and device level activity, with RSA NetWitness, we are providing customers with holistic protection that spans their IT/OT infrastructures and can detect threats that attempt to move laterally between them.”

“Using Indegy’s approach to both network- and device-based threat detection allows for a unique value-add to fuse IT with OT,” said Matthew Chase, senior manager of technical alliances at RSA. “Customers can augment RSA NetWitness’ strength at IT visibility with Indegy’s coverage of OT for a true picture of risk on their joint environments.”

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