Indegy Teams with HPE on Threat Monitoring

Monday, January 30, 2017 @ 06:01 PM gHale

Indegy, a provider of industrial cyber security solutions, certified the integration of the Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Platform with HPE Security ArcSight Enterprise Security Management (ESM) to help organizations identify and respond to incidents that pose risks to their Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks.

This integration enables IT and operational technology (OT) cyber security professionals to monitor control-plane activity and ensure the continuous safety and reliability of industrial networks.

ICS networks are vulnerable to a wide range of threats including cyberattacks, malicious insiders and human error. They are easy to attack and difficult to protect because they lack commonplace IT security controls including authentication, encryption and event logs.

“Our ability to detect and alert in real-time on unauthorized access and changes made to controllers, enables Indegy to identify threats before they can impact the safety, reliability and security of OT networks,” said Barak Perelman, chief executive at Indegy. “This integration provides users with deep visibility into ICS network activity from HPE Security ArcSight ESM, including controller snapshots and a full audit-trail of who, what, when, where and how activity.”

Common Event Format integration allows analysts to access control-plane intelligence gathered by Indegy within HPE Security ArcSight ESM to:
• Identify suspicious ICS activity before damage occurs
• Receive real-time alerts on unauthorized activity and cyber threats
• Track access and changes to critical assets including PLCs, RTUs and DCSs
• Quickly pinpoint the cause of disruptions and respond to minimize disruptions
• Access a comprehensive audit trail of control-plane activity for forensic analysis
• Ensure the ongoing operational safety, continuity and reliability of ICS environments

“In today’s growing threat landscape, increased visibility across ICS networks, IT, and operational technology is critical in monitoring and responding to attacks in real-time,” said Travis Grandpre, Director Product Marketing, HPE Security ArcSight, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Indegy’s ability to monitor control-plane activity and audit changes on industrial devices provides important new visibility for ArcSight ESM customers.”

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