Industrial Defender in Disaster Recovery Pact

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 @ 10:06 AM gHale

In a world where security is becoming more vital to continuing operations, Industrial Defender acquired backup and disaster recovery services provider Fandotech LLC.

With the deal, Industrial Defender will start up its Survive Services program, which is a backup and disaster recovery offering for industrial control systems.

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“Continuity and availability is job one for manufacturers and this is one way we can help them out,” said Kim Legelis, vice president of marketing for Industrial Defender.

Survive Services builds on Industrial Defender’s Automation Systems Manager (ASM) solution and uses Fandotech, which adds new data center facilities and over 10 years of backup and recovery expertise.

Survive Services comes as a result of the changes in the control system threat landscape, complexity of operational systems, increases in field devices, and interconnectivity between information systems, the Internet, and other infrastructures.

In addition, regulatory requirements, such as NERC CIP, place even more demands on operations staff that need to keep their production assets and systems up and running.

“We see the future as the industry becomes more savvy, but not able to hire more staff, we are able to offer these services,” Legelis said. “Manufacturers want to play to their core strengths; this will help keep the plant up and running.”

“Control systems must be available at all times in order to ensure the reliability of critical operations. With regulatory pressure from NERC CIP requiring backup and recovery processes, the need to improve system availability and business continuity is urgent,” said Bob Lockhart, senior analyst at Pike Research.

“Critical infrastructure operators need their staff to be focused on maintaining uptime of their facilities. However, operations professionals are challenged by the expanding complexity and connectivity of heterogeneous systems that manage that operational environment,” said Brian Ahern, chief executive of Industrial Defender. “Our Survive Services are designed to provide essential backup and disaster recovery functionality for operational management systems while providing customers a restoration strategy to minimize unplanned outages.”

Fandotech, a Connecticut-based backup and recovery firm, has its roots in infrastructure and application hosting.

Survive Services’ goal is the ensure customers’ critical operational information is safe and available for recovery. It provides backup and disaster recovery of critical automation system data from clients, servers, and other devices unique to the control system environment.
• Survive Backup Services provides a managed service that utilizes software and expert security personnel to provide monitoring and remediation of onsite or offsite backup services at Industrial Defender’s SSAE/16 Type II data center. Data ends up securely encrypted in transit and in storage. In the event a disaster occurs, the user can recover and restore data preserved remotely.
• Survive Disaster Recovery Services: If a user experiences unforeseen outages of an ASM or other critical servers, this service restores remote backups to a back-up server hosted at Industrial Defender’s data center. This service brings the user the benefit of operational continuity while repairing or rebuilding their primary infrastructure.

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