Industrial Video Providers Unite

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ 06:02 PM gHale

Industrial Video and Control (IVC), a supplier of cameras and video systems for industrial, military, and commercial applications, purchased Longwatch, a developer of video management software for industrial automation and process control applications.

Newton, MA-based IVC makes industrial camera systems that incorporate ruggedized cameras and state-of the-art video management software.

Longwatch’s Video Surveillance system, first introduced in 2005 to water treatment and power plants, is able to transmit video over existing instrumentation networks at speeds as low as 9600 baud.

Longwatch’s video historian automatically links video with various user databases (including data historians). Its Longwatch Console Recorder records industrial control console displays and enables playback for troubleshooting, operator training and regulatory compliance.

“Longwatch’s leading edge software in SCADA video and remote monitoring will be a major addition to our product line and will bring extraordinary value to manufacturers and commercial users,” said Norman Fast, Industrial Video and Control chief executive.

“IVC makes cameras and enclosures specifically for rugged applications as demanded in process and manufacturing industries,” Stephen Rubin, chief executive of Longwatch. “Together, IVC and Longwatch can now deliver leading-edge solutions that deliver value that standard camera integrators cannot touch.”

IVC will maintain the Longwatch brand and operate the company as a division of IVC.

The goal is to make both companies’ product lines interactive while building on the Longwatch brand, leveraging its reputation for innovation in remote monitoring and process control.

IVC’s Relay Server, which interfaces with a multitude of cameras, will interface with Longwatch’s Video Control Center — the software that drives the Longwatch Viewer, ActiveX controls for video integration, as well as the Video Historian. Longwatch’s Video Engine, which provides “at the edge” recording of events and video, will also provide video streams to the IVC Relay Server.

IVC also plans to support of its extensive camera offering in the Longwatch environment. IVC manufactures and sells pan-tilt zoom, fixed, auto-zoom, and manual zoom cameras that incorporate the latest in imaging technology. Their industrial cameras are suitable for the harshest weather and environmental conditions; some models earned certifications in Class I Division 1, Class I Division 2, and ATEX (inherently dangerous) environments.

Terms of the deal were not immediately available.

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