Industry icon and Emerson leader and thought leader for decades, John Berra, is retiring from Emerson effective this Thursday.
“It was just time to go,” Berra said. “Our fiscal year ends this week, so I am leaving at the end of our fiscal year,” he said.
Berra will continue on a consulting basis with Emerson and he will continue as a member of several boards.
Berra was chairman of Emerson Process Management, and Executive Vice President of Emerson Electric Company. Until October 1, 2008, he served as President of Emerson Process Management.
Berra joined Emerson’s Rosemount division as a marketing manager in 1976 and continued assuming more prominent roles in the organization until 1997 when he was named President of Emerson’s Fisher-Rosemount division (now Emerson Process Management).
Prior to joining Emerson, Berra was an instrument and electrical engineer with Monsanto Company.
Berra serves as Chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas, and the board of National Instruments, and is a past Chairman of the Measurement, Control, and Automation Association.
Emerson Process Mangement President Steve Sonnenberg will continue as business leader for the unit.


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