IP Camera Holes Allow Video Capture

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 @ 02:05 PM gHale

There are vulnerabilities in D-Link IP cameras attackers can exploit to capture video streams.

The vulnerabilities include OS command injection, authentication flaws, information leakage, and the use of hard-coded credentials, said researchers at Core Security.

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Attackers can leverage these security holes to execute arbitrary commands from the administration web interface, bypass RTSP authentication by using the hard-coded credentials, access the video stream via HTTP, access the stream via RTSP, or capture the ASCII video stream via image luminance.

All 16 vulnerable D-Link models contain a hardcoded password — “?*” — that provides a back door to the devices, which would enable attackers to access their live RTSP video stream. Core found over a dozen models containing the buggy firmware, but other devices might also suffer from the issue.

D-Link released updated firmware late last week and patches were ready on its website.

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