IT-OT Partnership Pact

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 @ 02:07 PM gHale

OT security provider, Dragos signed a partnership pact with IT security firm, CrowdStrike Inc.

CrowdStrike Services offers cyber readiness assessments, compromise assessment, and incident preparedness and response services to ensure the protection of customers’ networks and endpoint infrastructure.

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The company’s partnership with Dragos will provide CrowdStrike with the ability to address security needs for users in the Industrial Control System (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) space.

Combining Dragos’ ICS/SCADA industry expertise with CrowdStrike’s proactive and reactive services will enable users to address today’s critical infrastructure threats.

Specifically, the partnership will enable users to:
• Leverage proactive security services that take advantage of CrowdStrike’s endpoint protection platform for enterprise security
• Utilize the Dragos Platform which compiles and correlates ICS security events at a scale and speed that allows user uncover insights
• Focused expertise to prevent, assess and respond to ICS/SCADA cyber incidents
• Improved awareness, visibility and protection against the broad range of threats that impact manufacturing, logistics/distribution, energy/utility and other verticals whose infrastructure consists of networked endpoint and ICS devices
• Combined enterprise and industry intelligence to enhance ICS cyber solutions and services, delivering context to cyber threats

“At CrowdStrike, we track a wide array of adversaries going after critical infrastructure with incredibly sophisticated attack methods and tools,” said Thomas Etheridge, vice president of services at CrowdStrike. “In order to stop these breaches, it’s important to combine domain knowledge of the industrial threat landscape, actionable intelligence, advanced security services and endpoint protection technology.”

“Current security solutions are blind to how adversaries breach industrial systems and disrupt critical operations,” said Ben Miller, director of threat operations at Dragos. “Together, CrowdStrike and Dragos leverage proven human expertise, adversary intelligence and unrivaled technology to uniquely equip our customers with a full understanding of the enterprise and industrial threat landscape.”

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