Kaspersky Launches Security Service

Monday, January 16, 2017 @ 03:01 PM gHale

Kaspersky Lab launched a security intelligence service able to handle enterprise incident response and cybersecurity forensics capabilities.

This 24/365 web service helps businesses analyze digital evidence in light of a security incident and obtain the insights needed to speed up detection and remediation.

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Detection and response are some of the most time-critical activities on the agenda of security operations centers (SOCs) in organizations around the world, and both require reliable security intelligence. Based on validated security intelligence data, Kaspersky Threat Lookup provides a tool for enterprises to improve their incident response and forensics; offering reliable, aggregated, retrospective and global insight on the latest threats, as well as legitimate objects.

More than 4,000 business representatives worldwide, conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International in 2016, time is the crucial factor in incident detection and response, according to a survey.

The survey findings show enterprises pay more than double in recovery costs if they are unable to detect a security breach in a short amount of time.

The average recovery cost of a breach that is undetected for a week or more is over $1 million, while instantly discovered incidents cost an average of $400,000 to mitigate, almost half of the overall industry average.

Kaspersky Threat Lookup is a solution that corporate IT security teams can leverage to accelerate their incident response and forensic capabilities. Once suspicious indicators such as IP address, URL or file hash have been identified by a corporate IT security officer, they can be entered into the Kaspersky Threat Lookup service web interface. In return, users receive information about potential threats and receive global insights that can help them identify an attack in progress.

Kaspersky Lab’s security intelligence is collected from various sources, including Kaspersky Lab’s security network, spam traps, botnet monitoring initiatives and web crawlers. More importantly, that data is constantly being cross-checked by Kaspersky Lab’s own research team and automatically correlated.

The solution offers corporate security officers contextual intelligence capabilities, enabling them to quickly investigate the source of the problem, distinguish between potentially malicious and benign actions, and obtain data for fast and efficient incident investigation. Kaspersky Threat Lookup allows SOC operators to prioritize and act efficiently in the typical scenario of hundreds and thousands alerts received every day.

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