Keyboard Manufacturer Hacked

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 @ 02:09 PM gHale

A maker of keyboards and protective cases for iPads is reaching out to its customer base to saying hackers broke into is system and stole personal information about them, as well as payment details.

ClamCase said law enforcement did not alert them to the break in and it appears the bad guys targeted a database on the website, which suggests the attack came through a different type of threat than the now infamous Backoff PoS malware.

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The hackers managed to gain access to the ClamCase website and obtain purchase-related information, which includes names, addresses and credit card details, officials said.

It appears the attack occurred between April 15 and August 6. ClamCase did not make any statement as far as how many customers ended up effected by the incident.

The company managed to eliminate the malicious items from the systems, and purchases should be secure.

“We are diligently working with third party experts and appropriate law enforcement agencies to address the matter. No law enforcement investigation delayed notifying you of this matter,” a letter to the customers said.

In order to protect the affected individuals from identity theft incidents, the company offers complimentary risk mitigation services; these include identity theft insurance, as well as consultation and restoration. Customers receiving the alert have to activate the security measures themselves.

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