Kirk’s Key Interlock Unit

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 @ 04:04 PM gHale

Kirk Key developed a trapped key interlock transfer unit to provide safety interlock provisions for trapped key interlocking systems requiring nonlinear sequences.

The Type NLTU (Nonlinear Transfer Unit) can be in typical applications such as purging of gases, which requires a nonlinear sequenced process with valve interlocks, to purge gases safely & drive a predetermined non-linear sequence of operations.

The Type NLTU incorporates a selector is designed and manufactured to customer specified operational requirements. This unit can be manufactured with up to 8 cylinders; 8 non-linear sequenced steps. The unit has a lamacoid affixed to the side of the aluminum housing providing details about the sequenced steps within the operation and the desired action for each step throughout the process.

The Type NLTU is available in the SD Series (Standard Duty – Brass) and HD Series (Heavy Duty – Stainless Steel. As with Kirk’s line of transfer interlocks and panels, the Type NLTU is able to exchange keys across both series enabling the transfer of keys across interlocking systems as required within a process.

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