L-com Launches Safety DAS Antenna

Friday, August 19, 2016 @ 05:08 PM gHale

L-com Global Connectivity released a ceiling-mount public safety DAS antenna.

L-com’s HyperLink brand HG35805CUPR-NF is an IP67-rated, multi-band, low-PIM, Omni-directional, ceiling-mount antenna specifically designed for in-building wireless networks. With coverage from 380 MHz to 6000 MHz, this antenna works for standard and public safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) used to disseminate Cellular/LTE and Wi-Fi signals throughout an area or building.

“The HG35805CUPR-NF was designed to be an integral part of a public safety DAS network. Not only does it provide coverage for both cellular and Wi-Fi networks, it can provide low-band coverage allowing public safety services and first responders to stay connected within a specific location or structure during emergency situations,” said Ken Burgner, product manager.

With low-band operational coverage down to 380 MHz, this antenna supports UHF, 600 MHz, 1390-1432 MHz, AWS-3 bands and TETRA-compliant 2-way radios. It has a low-PIM rating of <-150 dBc which meets low-PIM requirements for LTE/4G bands and DAS applications. The multi-band design allows one antenna to be used for an array of in-building, wide-coverage wireless applications, which simplifies installation. The HG35805CUPR-NF is designed to be aesthetically pleasing in almost any indoor environment. It can be easily mounted through a single 1.0 inch hole in a solid or suspended ceiling up to 1.2 inches thick. It features a 12 inch coax lead terminated with an N-Female connector. Special order connectors are also available.

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