L-com Releases Repeaters, USB Hubs

Thursday, April 21, 2016 @ 06:04 PM gHale

L-com Global Connectivity introduced a series of industrial RS232/422/485 repeaters and converters as well as a series of industrial USB hubs, converters and isolators.

The addition of these new serial and USB connectivity products complements L-com’s existing line of industrial cabling, connectors¬†and enclosures.

“Our new serial and USB conversion and extension products were designed to withstand industrial environments where 99.999 percent uptime is required. These rugged products are perfect for use in industrial automation, process, and factory settings,”¬†said Sradha Patnaik, L-com product manager.

USB hubs, isolators, and converters utilize high-retention USB ports to ensure secure connections in high-vibration environments. Options for serial products include DIN rail mounting and port power (model dependant).

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