LA Rubber Levee Catches Fire

Monday, August 13, 2018 @ 11:08 AM gHale

Smoke and fire caught fire at a Scott, LA, levee built from rubber.
Photo by Scott Fire Department

A rubber retention levee built from 156 million pounds of recycled rubber caught fire Wednesday night, fire officials said.

Heavy smoke and fire were seen coming from the ground in the 1900 block of Renaud Road in Scott, LA, where a retention levee was constructed using 156 million pounds of recycled rubber.

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The fire was brought under control, but smoke was still visible coming from the ground in the area, officials said. Firefighters said they believe there may still be an active sub-surface fire. 

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality will be working with fire officials, landowners, and contractors to determine the best course of action to distinguish the remaining fire.

Fire officials did not say what caused the fire.

A sub-surface fire was reported in the same area in March of this year. That fire, according to the Scott Fire Department, was caused by lightning which struck the rubber retention levee causing it to smolder and then ignite. 

Heavy equipment and pumps used by a private company were finally able to extinguish that fire. 

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