Leidos Partners with Claroty, Nozomi

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 @ 03:12 PM gHale

Leidos signed partnership deals with OT network visibility providers, Claroty and Nozomi Networks, to integrate their passive monitoring system into the Leidos’ Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager (ASM) solution.

Leidos users will gain industrial control system (ICS) visibility by integrating Nozomi’s SCADAguardian or the Claroty Platform.

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Partnering with Nozomi and Claroty, Leidos feels it can give users enhanced passive monitoring technology that provides visibility and detection they need in this time of heightened and sophisticated threats to operations, said Leidos Cyber, Inc. President, Robert Meindl.

The integrated solutions add ICS intrusion detection and passive asset discovery and monitoring to Leidos’ Industrial Defender ASM. This strengthens ASM’s ability to safely identify operational technology network assets and adds cutting-edge detection capabilities.

The mission of Industrial Defender ASM is to address overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management.

Along those lines, the Claroty Platform proactively protects and continuously monitors ICS networks in a passive manner for cyber threats. This approach ensures no interruption to critically important industrial processes. With secure remote access, users can employ policies to control remote employee and third-party access to critical systems, and record the sessions. Continuous threat detection allows the user to create detailed inventory of industrial network assets, identifies misconfigurations, monitors traffic between assets, and finds anomalies that may indicate the presence of an attacker. In addition, alerts presented in context can provide plant and security workers with actionable insights.

SCADAguardian can identify industrial assets and network activity, as well as provide real-time monitoring of cybersecurity and process anomalies. Alerts and incidents end up correlated into meaningful incidents and communicated to the Industrial Defender ASM management infrastructure.

“Leidos has hundreds of industrial customers around the world – many with immediate and long term needs for enhanced protection against advanced ICS security threats,” said Nozomi Networks’ Chief Executive, Edgard Capdevielle.

“I have said in the past that nothing will deter us from our mission of bringing rapid and long overdue change to the cybersecurity of industrial control networks,” said Amir Zilberstein, Claroty chief executive. “In addition to direct activity, we have employed a strategy of working with key partners around the globe to accomplish this mission.”

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