Los Alamos Evacs after HazMat Incident

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 @ 04:04 PM gHale

Los Alamos National Laboratory partially evacuated workers from the Sigma Building Monday as HazMat workers responded to an incident at the building.

“At 2:30, p.m. today Laboratory personnel and the Los Alamos Fire Department responded to a report of a bulging drum at the Sigma facility,” a laboratory spokesman said. “The drum has been rendered safe. The area has been isolated and access control established. There is no threat to workers or the public.”

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All workers in the building were safe from the incident, and the area where the evacuation took place was confirmed safe, the spokesman said.

The Sigma building develops materials and components using engineering and metallurgical science in support of national security, according to the LANL website.

This science includes a scope that spans alloys, ceramics and compounds from uranium to hydrogen, the website said.

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