Marketing off Anonymous’ Name

Friday, March 16, 2012 @ 11:03 AM gHale

The word Anonymous brings immediate attention to anyone in the cyber security world. It brings fear, suspicion and intrigue all at the same time. So, it only makes sense an organization would try to capitalize on the name and begin a marketing effort.

There is now a new operating system called “Anonymous-OS” that comes pre-loaded with tools for hacking and protecting anonymity online. It remains is unclear whether the new operating system has an endorsement from the hacking group.

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Anonymous-OS Version 0.1 released Tuesday and Sourceforge is offering it as a bitTorrent download, according to a post on a page for Anonymous-OS.

The operating system is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution created under Ubuntu version 11.10. It uses the Mate Desktop Environment. Authors created the operating system for “educational purposes” to “(check) the security of Web pages,” according to the Anonymous-OS Tumblr page.

The new distribution comes loaded with tools useful to hackers, security researchers and those interested in preserving their anonymity online. Among the applications bundled with Anonymous-OS are the anonymizing Tor client, Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer, password cracker John the Ripper and Pyloris, a tool for launching denial of service attacks.

Its creators recommend booting the operating system from an external device such as a CD or USB drive, according to the Anonymous-OS Tumblr page.

Though the new Linux distribution clearly makes use of Anonymous’ name, it remains unclear whether any link exists between the group and those behind the new operating system.

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