Meeting Over IL Nuke Inspection Finding

Monday, December 3, 2018 @ 05:12 PM gHale

A preliminary inspection found Exelon Generation’s failed to follow multiple procedures to ensure an emergency diesel generator was operable during a recent refueling outage at the Clinton, IL-based Clinton nuclear power plant.

As a result, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) met with Exelon Generation officials on Nov. 30 to discuss the issue.

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The NRC inspection report documented the apparent violation, preliminarily determined to be of low to moderate (white) safety significance.

The NRC evaluates regulatory performance at commercial nuclear plants with a color-coded process that classifies inspection findings as green, white, yellow or red in order of increasing safety significance.

The inspection report said on May 17 there was an apparent violation of code where Exelon self-reported a “failure to follow multiple procedures that affected quality. This resulted in the unavailability and inoperability of the Division 2 Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) when it was relied upon for plant safety. During part of the time that the Division 2 EDG was unavailable the Division 1 EDG was already out of service for planned maintenance. During the period when neither EDG was available a loss of offsite power would have resulted in a station blackout condition that could have resulted in a long term loss of the ability to cool the reactor core.”

NRC officials did not make a decision on the issue at the meeting, rather they will review the information provided and a decision will be rendered at a later date.

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