Memory Vulnerability with 7-Technologies

Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 11:07 AM gHale

There is a memory corruption vulnerability with 7-Technologies (7T) that affects the Interactive Graphical SCADA System (IGSS) supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) human-machine interface (HMI) application.

7T created a patch that fully resolves this vulnerability. VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team, which discovered the vulnerability, confirmed the patch resolves the issue, according to ICS-CERT.

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This vulnerability affects all 7T Interactive Graphical SCADA System (IGSS) versions prior to

An attacker could perform a number of malicious actions including denial of service (DoS) and arbitrary code execution, which could end up creating adverse application conditions and ultimately impact the SCADA system.

Denmark-based 7T creates monitoring and control systems primarily used in the United States, Europe, and South Asia. 7T’s IGSS is in over 28,000 industrial plants in 50 countries worldwide, according to the company’s website.

7T IGSS controls and monitors programmable logic controllers in industrial processes in the energy, manufacturing, oil and gas, and water sectors.

The vulnerability occurs through a memory corruption error in the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) component when processing packets sent to port 20222/TCP, which could result in using an invalid structure.

An attacker can remotely exploit the vulnerability by sending specially crafted code to the ODBC service. If exploited, this vulnerability could allow the attacker to execute a malicious payload.

As of right now, no exploits are targeting this vulnerability and it does take advanced skills to exploit the problem.

ICS-CERT recommends that customers of 7T IGSS software take the following mitigation steps:
• Upgrade to the latest version of IGSS
Click here to download the latest version.
(current users of 7T IGSS can use the “update” feature from within the application).
• 7T recommends placing the control system behind a properly configured firewall.

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