After failing to secure portable gauges, Prein and Newhof is facing a fine for a violation of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements associated with regulated material.

The violation, which has a $9,000 fine, involved four examples of failing to appropriately secure portable gauges from unauthorized removal when not under constant surveillance and control. The gauges end up used for measuring the moisture content and density of soil and aggregate.

The NRC identified the proposed violations during inspections conducted between April and September 2023. The NRC conducted its inspections at the company’s facilities in Kalamazoo, Cadillac, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as at temporary job sites in Kalamazoo and Muskegon.

During the inspection, the NRC discovered another violation.

That violation involved the failure of the company to notify the NRC within 24 hours after a portable gauge suffered damage and failed to function as designed. It is of very low risk significance and did not warrant a fine.

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Prein & Newhof responded to the violations in writing and documented its corrective actions to prevent recurrence. Details about the company’s responses are in the notice of violation.

The company has 30 days to pay the proposed fine or contest it in writing.

Prein & Newhof provides engineering services and environmental consulting, surveying, geographic information system, and laboratory testing services.


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