Microsoft Opens Security Center in Mexico

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 04:02 PM gHale

Microsoft opened a new cybersecurity center in Mexico with the goal of protecting local users and those in the region.

The goal of the new Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Mexico is to become a local hub for everything cybersecurity, while also working in connection with the other centers and the Redmond headquarters in sustained efforts against security threats and attacks.

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Just like it happened at the opening of the other cybersecurity centers, Microsoft executives said the facility plays a critical role offering a high level of security.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to invest in the region so we can bring our cybersecurity capabilities to customers by identifying current threats that affect the economy’s prosperity. By opening this Cybersecurity Center, we are offering our clients protection from attacks and security risks, as well as ways to detect them and find solutions,” said Jorge Silva, general manager of Microsoft Mexico.

The cybersecurity center will offer services to Mexican customers, but also to other Latin American countries.

Additionally, the cybersecurity center will be the home of security experts from Mexico and Latin America to collaborate with Microsoft engineers in their investigations, and will also providing training for partners, including authorities and the public sector.

“This new center will work together with Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center in Redmond, Washington. The objective is to help companies and governments with security solutions, which help them in their digital transformation through the international support of the intelligence, data analysis, avant-garde forensics and legal strategies that we offer,” Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

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