Microsoft’s New Security Capabilities

Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 06:02 PM gHale

There are new capabilities in Microsoft’s Office 365 to help better manage risks and protect against threats.

Part of the new capabilities include Office 365 Secure Score, Threat Intelligence Private Preview, and Advanced Data Governance Preview.

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Office 365 Secure Score is a security analytics tool that applies a score to the customers’ Office 365 security configuration.

Secure Score provides users with improved visibility into their Office 365 security configuration and into security features, said Alym Rayani, director for Microsoft’s Office Security and Compliance team.

With this new tool, users will be able to understand their current Office 365 security configuration, but also learn how implementing additional controls can improve their security and reduce risk, Rayani said.

Secure Score provides access to Score Analyzer via the Secure Score Summary. The Secure Score (or the numerator) is the sum of the points associated with the security configurations a customer adopted. The total score (or the denominator) is the sum of the points associated with all the security controls available on the customer’s Office 365 plan.

The Score Analyzer allows users to track and report their score over time. Customers get access to a graph that shows their score on any date in the past, while also offering information on the specific actions they completed and which were available to them. The tool also offers support for exporting the score results to a CSV file for further use within an organization.

Secure Score also offers suggestions on possible actions that could improve one’s security position. These suggestions, Microsoft said, end up prioritized depending on their effectiveness and impact to end users, meaning those that are highly effective but have low impact on user experience are placed at the top.

The Office 365 Threat Intelligence, now in private preview, leverages the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to deliver actionable insights to global attack trends. The cost of data breaches is increasing, but even organizations that are properly prepared for a breach can diminish long-term costs.

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