Most Not Ready for New Net Protocol

Thursday, May 12, 2011 @ 04:05 PM gHale

A good majority of business networks, 88 percent, are not fully ready for a change to IPv6, with two thirds, 66.1 percent, saying their networks are only 0-20 percent ready, despite the idea there are no more open IPv4 addresses, according to Ipswitch.

In terms of being ready 66.1% were at 0-20%; 9.6% were at 20-40%; 6.5% were at 40-60%; 5.8% were at 60-80%, and 12% were at 80-100%.

“While IPv6 provides the ability to greatly expand the number of devices on the Internet, it also poses migration, compatibility and management challenges for today’s IPv4-based networks,” said Kevin Gillis, vice president of product management and strategy at Ipswitch’s Network Management Division.

“Our poll shows the need for companies to develop transition strategies in order to increase IPv6 readiness among enterprise networks and prevent any future disruption to mission-critical systems.”

IPv6 is a next-generation IP protocol designed to replace IPv4, the Internet protocol most commonly used throughout the world and the foundation for most Internet communications. With the number of available IPv4 addresses quickly running out, transitioning to IPv6 will soon become a requirement for enterprise networks.

IPv6 enables significant expansion of the IP addresses needed to accommodate the continuously growing number of worldwide Internet users, and provides additional security features for Internet traffic. Ipswitch’s WhatsUp Gold IT management platform has supported IPv6 for five years in order to help enterprises ease the transition to the new protocol.

Also, with the move to IPv6, there are security concerns. Along those lines Virginia Tech students showed with their new Internet protocol security solution in the 2011 National Security Innovation Competition sponsored by the National Homeland Defense Foundation, a nonprofit forum for responding to terrorism tactics and natural disasters.

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