ND Brine Spill

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 @ 02:06 PM gHale

A faulty valve or pipe connection led to a spill of 9,000 gallons of produced water or brine that ended up contained in Renville County, ND.

The mixture contained saltwater, oil and drilling chemicals. The spill occurred last Tuesday at a site operated by Zargon Oil Inc. about 7 miles south of Mohall, ND.

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Zargon said 210 barrels spilled due to a valve or pipe connection leak and ended up contained within a tank berm and a man-made pond. A barrel holds 42 gallons.

State inspectors have been to the scene and will continue to monitor the site.

Oil and brine spills continue to be an issue throughout North Dakota. In just one case in October, after workers lost control of a well in northwestern North Dakota, oil and saltwater continued to spill across the area until workers were able to shut it down four days later, officials said.

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