Netgear Releases Router Firmware

Friday, June 2, 2017 @ 05:06 PM gHale

Netgear released a firmware package developed for its R7000P wireless router, version, which fixes memory leaks, Smart Connect, GUI, language and security issues.

In addition, the update also fixes the DUT option that couldn’t obtain an IPv6 address from the PPPoE server, as well as correctly displays the connection type for wireless clients on the access control page.

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Therefore, to apply this update properly, before downloading anything, go to the router’s administration page and check to see if its currently installed firmware isn’t either newer or similar to this release.

If all is OK, save and unzip the downloadable archive, establish a wired connection, enter the router’s administration page, and save all settings you have changed from the default values, as you might need to re-enter them manually after the upgrade.

Afterward, go to Maintenance > Router Upgrade > Browse, select the newly unzipped .img file, hit “Upload,” and allow the device to perform the installation.

Bear in mind that, while in progress, removing Ethernet/power cables from the devices, closing the web browser, powering down the router/computer, or interrupting the installation in any way will cause serious device malfunctions to the wireless unit.

Back in December, a report with CERT/CC found the R7000p was one of the Netgear router models that could end up hijacked by remote, unauthenticated attackers.

The vulnerability could end up exploited by convincing users to visit a specially crafted web site or visiting a legitimate site serving specially crafted malicious ads.

CERT/CC said Netgear R7000 (firmware version and possibly earlier), R6400 (firmware version and possibly earlier), and R8000, (firmware version contained the vulnerability. Kalypto Pink said models R7000P, R7500, R7800, R8500, and R9000 were also vulnerable.

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