Netgear Releases Switch Firmware Update

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 @ 01:04 PM gHale

Netgear has come under fire of late for a series of vulnerabilities, but it is now in the process of fixing and updating devices.

The company just released a firmware package targeted at FS728TPv2 switches, namely version, which resolves disconnections with some IP phones.

Netgear Fixes Router Firmware
Netgear Updates Router Firmware
Netgear Mitigates New Router Holes
Netgear Updates Wireless Router Firmware, Again

In addition to that, the new release makes sure the system won’t freeze when downloading HTTPS/SSL certificate files, addresses CVE-2013-4775 security vulnerability issues, and fixes the port security issue with static MAC.

Version also fixes the blocked EAP packet in certain situations, the LED FAN failures, the flooded packets with specific destination MAC address.

When it comes to installing the firmware, first save the current configuration data by going to Maintenance → Upload, selecting “Text Configuration” and clicking the “Apply” button.

Afterward, go to Maintenance → Download, and select the downloadable firmware via the “Browse…” button to start the update process. When you click “Apply,” the file starts transferring to the switch followed by the writing of the new firmware version.

After the process is complete, go to Maintenance → Restart, and select the “All” value for “Reboot Unit No.,” check “Save prior to reboot” for safety, and click “Apply” to reboot – and that’s quite all.

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