New Cybersecurity Specialist Certification

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 @ 06:01 PM gHale

Cisco unveiled a revision of the CCNP Security Certification by introducing a new Cybersecurity Specialist Certification and other security solutions training.

The 2014 Cisco Annual Security Report indicates a shortage of more than a million security professionals across the globe in 2014. The sophistication of the technology and methods used by online criminals, along with their constant attempts to breach networks and steal data, have outpaced the ability of IT and security professionals to address these threats.

New Security Certificate Program
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In addition to the Cisco cybersecurity certificate program, the International Society of Automation (ISA) launched a new knowledge-based industrial cyber security certificate program that works off the ISA99/IEC 62443 standard.

The ISA99/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist Certificate, helps professionals involved in IT and control systems security increase their understanding of ISA99/IEC 62443 principles and acquire a command of industrial cyber security terminology.

Meanwhile, learning@Cisco redesigned its existing offerings and brought in new offerings to address the critical skills deficit, providing network security engineers, analysts and product specialists with development opportunities to ensure on-the-job readiness to meet the future challenges of network defense.

CCNP Security Certification:
• The redesigned CCNP Security Certification focuses on enabling Network Security Engineers that must design, deploy, maintain and manage end-to-end network security solutions.
• The updated certification and training provides a holistic understanding of the elements that coexist to provide a complete network security posture

Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist:
• The new Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist Certification offers Network Security Analysts the latest threat detection and mitigation skills using the most advanced security solutions currently available.
• Recognizes security professionals that have attained specialist in-depth expertise and proven knowledge in the essential areas of proactive cyber threat detection and mitigation.
• Designed for professional security analysts and leveraging the features of Cisco and other network security products used today, the certification focuses on event monitoring, security event alarm, traffic analysis and incident response.

Security Solutions Training:
• For network security engineers looking to gain in-depth expertise on specific Cisco network security products.
New training courses include:
1. Implementing Advanced Cisco ASA Security (SASAA)
2. Implementing Cisco Bring Your Own Device Solutions (SBYOD)
3. Implementing Core Cisco ASA Security (SASAC)
4. Implementing & Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine for Wireless Engineers (SWISE).

New exams will be available Jan. 24.

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