New Silk Road Operating

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 @ 12:05 PM gHale

A new Silk Road marketplace appeared on the Dark Web, and this version is Silk Road 3.0.

Silk Road 3.0 is run by the same person overseeing the competing Crypto Market portal. The two portals share the same support forum, also hosted on the Dark Web.

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Registration is currently open, and the marketplace has already started filling up with stolen data, exploits, botnets, drugs, weapons, and about anything else that’s illegal under the sun.

The original Silk Road launched in February 2011 and ended up shut down by the summer of 2013, following a series of FBI raids that caught the site’s users, moderators, and even its admin Ross Ulbricht.

Silk Road 2.0 popped up in November 2013, but the feds arrested its administrators a month later.

In November 2014, somebody attempted to bring back Silk Road once again, but by January this year, the site went dark after it failed to attract new users.

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