New, Simple Way to Avoid Spam Filters

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 @ 06:04 PM gHale

The goal for spammers is to get around and through spam filters. They just figured out if they replace regular characters with similar-looking symbols they might just make it through and hit inboxes.

The subject and the body of these spam emails might appear to be normal at first sight, said researchers at Kaspersky Lab. A closer look by the researchers found Latin characters ended up replaced with symbols that look similar from other alphabets.

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This trend appears to be popular among attackers targeting users in Italy. Researchers spotted various types of spam messages in which this technique sees full use. The attackers use Cyrillic, Greek and even IPA symbols to replace Latin characters.

This is possible because of the UTF-8 coding system, which enables users to combine multiple types of characters in the same message.

This trick could be enough to bypass classic spam filters.

This just goes to show a consistent message that users can’t rely on service providers to keep our inbox spam free. Users must need to remain careful when opening links or attachments from unsolicited emails.

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