Norton Update Brings XP Woes

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 @ 06:09 AM gHale

Users still working off Windows XP had a scare when a Symantec update caused problems in the operating system.

In a statement, Symantec admitted the problem but downplayed its significance.

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“This issue has now been resolved,” the company said in a statement. “The limited number of customers affected should run a Live Update to mitigate the issue.”

The update, released in late August behaved as “badly as a virus,” one user said.

At first Symantec’s “top tips” for resolution initially included upgrading to Windows 7 and switching off browser protection. However, later on Symantec fixed the issue and one user filed a report on what he had to do:

Didn’t see anything in the forum so hadn’t booted up the machine until now – have been using a Chromebook for email, etc.
– Upon booting up, I ran LIVE UPDATE – it struggled, but COMPLETED.
– I restarted XP
– waited for the crash, but the icon stayed active in the tray, and no “encountered a problem” appeared
– I started Firefox – it came up
A little bump in the road . . . . the toolbar appears to have been reset
– I was prompted to install the Norton search field
– I was prompted to sign in to my Norton account, create password for a new Vault
– I had previously backed up my vault, so I was able to import all into the new vault

Updates not thought through enough are an issue that does happen occasionally. Sometimes system files end up incorrectly identified as potentially pox-ridden.

Extended support for Windows XP ended in April 2014 but the 12-year-old operating system is still widely used and companies are selling security software to protect it from attacks.

Details on what the problem was all about were not immediately available.

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