Five scholarship and fellowship grants, totaling $1.78 million ended up issued to four minority-serving institutions from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Minority Serving Institutions Grants Program.

These institutions are part of a federally recognized category that includes historically Black colleges and universities; tribal colleges and universities; Hispanic-serving institutions; and Asian American and Pacific Islander-serving institutions. The NRC issued the following awards:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Two $400,000 fellowships to fund a radiochemistry fellowship for nuclear workforce development and a diverse nuclear workforce fellowship program in mechanical and nuclear engineering.

North Carolina A&T State University: One fellowship for $600,000 for participation in nuclear engineering research and education as part of the university’s mechanical engineering concentration, with emphasis on cooling, safety, radiation shielding, protection and reliability.

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University of Houston-Downtown: One scholarship for $188,000 to support nuclear-related radiochemistry, engineering technology, chemical sensors, and cybersecurity for minority STEM programs.

South Carolina State University: One scholarship for $200,000 to support its nuclear engineering program.

The Minority Serving Institutions Grants Program funds minority-serving programs, activities, projects, symposiums and training relevant to nuclear safety, security, environmental protection, or any other fields the Commission deems critical to the NRC mission.

The NRC announces grant opportunities on The complete list of grants awarded and general information about the grant program is available on the NRC website.


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