NVIDIA Hackers Publish Data

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 @ 05:07 PM gHale

A hacker group calling itself “Team Apollo” has now claimed responsibility for the NVIDIA breach which caused the company to take down the site.

Data from more than 400,000 registered users ended up suffering from the attack.

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As proof, the hackers published email addresses and password hashes for 800 users from the database on Pastebin, with more, they said, to follow. If the data proves to be genuine, NVIDIA’s statement saying the password hashes were not a problem would be false. The database excerpt includes the hash b018f55f348b0959333be092ba0b1f41 three times in the list, the result of md5(‘nvidia123’).

In addition, the hackers said NVIDIA’s online store was also broken into.

The hacker group said the break-in occurred “a few weeks ago”. The group apparently copied the data to “target disgusting corporations who deserve to be brought to justice” – although they did not specify which corporations are the target or what form this “justice” will take.

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