Oil Spill Threatens NY Reservoir

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 @ 04:08 PM gHale

An oil spill is threatening a local reservoir in the Granite Springs section of Somers, NY.

Fire, HazMat and environmental crews are keeping a close eye on an oil spill that occurred Monday.

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An oil delivery was being made to a home on Granite Springs Road and the oil tank was compromised or damaged, fire officials said.

Emergency officials say part of the problem is they’re not sure how much oil was left in the tank before it was refilled but at least a minimum of 200 gallons of fuel oil leaked onto the ground and into the sewers.

“We have at least 200 gallons, possibly much more, that seeped through the ground, it’s in the storm drain and in the stream system going to the Amawalk Reservoir,” said Somers Fire Department Chief Paul Jockimo.

Crews have been dropping booms, or absorbent pads, in an attempt to stop the oil from reaching the nearby reservoir. They say the will continue to keep an on eye on the area.

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