OK Farm Cleaning Up after Drainage Line Leak

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 @ 11:07 AM gHale

Compost liquid spilled into Tar Creek and killed thousands of fish in Miami, OK.

Workers in Miami, Oklahoma, are fixing a faulty drainage line that caused compost liquid to spill into a creek and kill thousands of fish.

State inspectors responded June 22 to the mushroom farm, J-M Farms, where they found the spill had turned Tar Creek dark for about two miles.

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The spill was a setback for a creek recovering from decades of contamination from zinc and lead mining operations unrelated to J-M.

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality said high levels of ammonia and other compounds, coupled with large amounts of organic matter, caused oxygen levels to drop, resulting in the fish kill.

“J-M Farms is a local, family owned business that is heavily invested in Miami and Northeast Oklahoma,” the company’s owners said in a statement. “We take pride in our record of being environmental stewards, from being a large recycler of many agricultural byproducts to being a partner in many local mine reclamation projects through the use of our spent mushroom compost. We are committed to ensuring that Tar Creek is returned to the same level of health as it was before this unfortunate incident.”

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