Open Valves Cause of OK Oil Well Leak

Friday, December 14, 2018 @ 06:12 PM gHale

Open valves caused a large oil leak at a well site in southeast Oklahoma City, OK, that spilled onto streets late Wednesday, said firefighters and environmental crews responding to the incident.

Crews worked overnight to clean up the oil spill, said Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesman Matt Skinner.

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Authorities mopped up 25 barrels of standing oil and spread biodegradable material to soak up the rest, Skinner said.

The spill caused no danger to area drinking water, he said, adding the cause of the spill was an open valve.

Lloyd White, president of the well’s owner and operator, White Operating Co. of Oklahoma City, said he suspects vandals are responsible for the spill. White said two valves were opened to cause the spill and that one was behind a locked fence. White also said there’s evidence someone improperly entered the fenced-in area

Firefighters found oil leaking from an open valve at a well site near S Byers and SE 51. The area affected is east of Shields Boulevard and west of Durland Avenue between SE 44 and SE 59, firefighters said.

The largest amount of oil spilled was on Byers and Stiles avenues. The oil was spread throughout the area by vehicles that drove through it in the streets, said fire Capt. David Macy.

Firefighters and a hazardous materials crew built temporary dams with dirt to slow the progress of the spill. Representatives from the state Department of Environmental Quality and city street crews assisted.

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