OSIsoft, Petasense Ink Predictive Maintenance Pact

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 @ 08:09 AM gHale

Petasense is parterning with OSIsoft LLC to help monitor critical rotating machinery.

This partnership will enable industrial customers to retrofit their machinery with wireless sensors and perform predictive maintenance using asset and process control data. The goal is to help plants eliminate unplanned downtime, improve plant safety and reduce repair and maintenance cost.

Nearly 80 percent of production downtime – the economic impact of which is $20 billion in the petrochemical industry alone – is preventable, research found.

“The first step in IIoT for many industrial companies and utilities is capturing data from their legacy equipment. Many of these systems – while they work fine – are years, if not decades, old and weren’t created with digital in mind,” said Pat Kennedy, chief executive of OSIsoft. “Our partnership with Petasense will help lay the foundation for digital transformation.”

Petasense offers an IIoT-based predictive maintenance system to predict the health of critical rotating machines like motors, pumps, and compressors. The Petasense system includes a patent-pending wireless vibration sensor, cloud software and machine learning (ML)-based analysis of vibration patterns.

By analyzing vibration characteristics, Petasense software can predict common defects like pump cavitation, bearing wear and misalignment. These ML algorithms calculate a numerical health score of the machine in real-time, enabling plant managers to make informed maintenance decisions. Even a small plant can generate over 10 million vibration readings daily and Petasense has already logged 25 billion wireless vibration readings across its client base.

OSIsoft’s PI System captures data from sensors, manufacturing equipment and other devices and transforms it into rich, real-time insights to reduce costs, improve overall productivity and/or create new services.

Silicon Valley Power (SVP), the municipal electric utility owned by the City of Santa Clara has signed on to integrate OSIsoft and Petasense solutions. Today SVP monitors all its balance-of-plant (BOP) rotating machines with Petasense.

“After a successful trial, we have now rolled out the Petasense solution to cover all our mission critical rotating machinery,” said Paul Manchester, assistant plant manager at SVP. “We are now integrating Petasense and PI to capture additional value and realize greater operational efficiencies.”

The integration of the two systems will enable SVP to correlate asset and process data and create predictive models that leverage vibration along with other process parameters.  

“With IIoT it is possible to retrofit machinery with sensors and collect maintenance data at a size and scale that was unimaginable before,” said Arun Santhebennur, cofounder of Petasense. “Any site that uses PI will be able to easily deploy and implement predictive maintenance at an extremely affordable price point.”

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